Of all the available materials, calcium phosphate was selected as

Of all the available materials, calcium phosphate was selected as core of choice as it is ceramic (structurally most regular materials) and crystalline in nature (high degree of order). The surface exhibits high level of surface energy which favors the binding

of carbohydrate on surface film. C59 wnt molecular weight In the second step, extent of sugar loading was quantified by using anthrone method. The method is based on hydrolysis of carbohydrates to simple sugars in presence of acid followed by dehydration of sugars to furfural derivatives, e.g. hydroxyl methyl furfural. Furfural derivatives react with anthrone to form a deep green color with an absorption maximum at 625 nm. The sugar adsorption on core was confirmed using FTIR spectroscopy. Further drug is adsorbed over sugar loaded core particles through non-covalent and ionic interactions. The pimozide loaded aquasomes exhibited

smaller particle size than that of pimozide pure drug. Hence it can be concluded that, the aquasomal formulation had lead to reduction of particle size to nanometer range. Improved dissolution was observed with aquasome formulation of pimozide than that of pure drug, which can be accounted for nanosize and aqueous environment of the aquasomes. The release followed the first order kinetics which supported the mechanism of immediate release of pimozide. Ceramic nanoparticles were developed as a technological innovation for the pimozide delivery via the peroral route. Co-precipitation by sonication technique NVP-BGJ398 ic50 was found to give more yield

than other methods. Size analysis indicated spherical particles in the size range of aquasomes. Release studies of aquasomes showed greater dissolution than that of pure drug. Thus aquasomes can be used for enhancing the solubility of poorly soluble drugs. All authors have none to declare. Authors would like to express thanks to Vasudha Pharma Chemical Ltd, Hyderabad for providing the Sclareol pimozide gift sample. Authors would also like to express their thanks to Dr Sathesh, HOD, Pharmaceutics for his guidance and support. “
“The physiological environment within a living organism is mostly chiral. inhibitors Therefore, chiral discrimination has been an issue in the development and use of pharmaceutical drugs. Enantiomers of racemic drugs often differ in pharmacokinetic behavior or pharmacological action.1 In recent years, research has been intensified to understand the aspects of the molecular mechanism for stereoselective biological activities of the chiral molecules. The development of analytical methods for the assessment of enantiomeric purity is challenging due to the fact that enantiomers possess virtually identical properties.2 In the pharmaceutical industry, much emphasis is put on chiral analysis. The reason is the potentially different behavior of the enantiomers of a chiral drug molecule after administration.

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